Celebrate good times with good people and a good glass (or two.)

Natural, double-fermented alcoholic kombucha

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A little buzz, with none of the morning-after ‘fuzz'

If you’re like us you probably enjoy being up and at ‘em in the morning,
ready to make the most of the day without a hangover.

With Beach Booch, you don’t have to compromise. We’ve brewed it to
give you a refreshing alcoholic kombucha that’s got a bit of
fizz and plenty of buzz.

And being lower in sugar and with no artificial preservatives, you'll thank
us for it in the morning!

Kia ora!

Brains behind the booch

← That’s us, Alistair and George.

Two mates brought together by a love of New Zealand and the idea that we all deserved a cleaner, zero-compromise bevvy that's still flavourful and gorgeous enough to celebrate life's great moments.

Because drinking beer, wine, and spirits isn’t for everyone. And even if you do, sometimes you want to mix things up.

So we created an all-natural and organic hard kombucha.

Hand-crafted in small batches, and kick-started with our unique live culture, we use a double-fermentation process
that gives our booch its alcoholic buzz.

Check out our process (It’s pretty rad.)

We’re committed to brewing a premium quality artisanal drink that’s:

But don’t just take our word for it, check out our rave reviews and give it
a try next time you’re celebrating with your favourite people.

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What’s in a name?

Beach Booch is all about celebrating life in Aotearoa.

Celebrating who we are, the things we love and our beautiful back yard.

That’s why our flavours are named after places that have special meaning to us. From the beaches of endless summer holidays to the places we went to with mates for the weekend.

Beach Booch is grounded in New Zealand.


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