What is hard kombucha?

Here’s the lowdown…

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You probably already know what kombucha is?

(Spoiler: it’s a fermented lower-sugar drink made from green and/or black tea, an active culture, and good bacteria. Hurrah.)

Beach Booch hard kombucha takes the best of regular kombucha and gives it a kick. That's next level kombucha!

By adding a second ferment with a vintner’s yeast and organic sugar, the good bacteria then eats all the sugar and the booch gets a naturally-occurring 5% ABV boost.

A last dash of mixologist magic adds fruits and spices, and the end result is refreshingly crisp and easy drinking hard kombucha.

And that’s the way our Beach Booch rolls.
We craft a rockin’ booch, then take it to an adults-only level.

The truth is…

Lots of "better for you" options out there are nothing more than carbonated tap water, neutral grain spirits, and artificial flavourings mixed together in a can.

We prefer to craft you a better beverage by taking our time, using all-natural ingredients and double fermenting to a perfect 5% ABV.

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How we make Beach Booch

Check out our hard kombucha flavours…

90 Mile Booch

Grapefruit and ginger

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Raglan Booch

Berry, lemon, and sage

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Ocean Booch

Peach and chilli

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Bethell’s Booch

Strawberry mojito

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