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FAQs –Everything You Wanted to Ask


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Beach Booch FAQs

So here is a list of the things we get asked most often. Pretty much all of the time. If you have any other questions, just drop us a line. 

What is kombucha?

Well, kombucha is fermented tea beverage.  When you ferment sweetened tea with a culture (a concoction bacteria and yeast) and leave it for a while, you are left with a smooth, dry, probiotic drink that’s lower in sugar as this is eaten up by the culture.


Where did kombucha originate?

Kombucha as we know it originated in Northern China more than 2000 years ago and was prized for its healing properties.


So, what does hard mean in Hard Kombucha

Hard kombucha is the boozy big brother of regular kombucha.


Doesn’t all kombucha contain alcohol?

Regular kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5% usually). Ours comes in at 5%ABV


How do you make it?

We craft brew a perfect blend of organic tea, organic sugar, organic kombucha culture and our signature real fruits and spices to create our wicked 5% ABV flavours.


So you don’t add alcohol?

No way! All our booch is naturally brewed and we never add spirits or other alcohol.


Are you a New Zealand company?

Yes we are. We have a microbrewery in Auckland and are proudly owned and operated in Aotearoa New Zealand


Does it really need to be kept chilled or are you just saying that?

Like every high quality craft brew, alcoholic kombucha should be kept refrigerated and always served chilled for the greatest flavour and taste experience.

Is hard kombucha still good for you?

Tricky one! Our booch is boozy but we can say its better for you than the high-sugar, preservative-laden, alcohol-added alternatives that are out there. It sure is a better option for you (but always drink responsibly).


Where can I find the nutritional info?

The nutrition info is on each of the product pages in this site. Each can contains around 5-6g of sugar and is gluten free, vegan and uses organic ingredients wherever we can.

What does it taste like?

It tastes like an angel swooped down and kissed each and every can before it got to your fridge. But more specifically Beach Booch is a sophisticated, layered beverage built on our signature, dry, smooth 5% ABV kombucha then finished with a subtle touch of fruits and spices.


Peach and chilli? That sounds dangerous!

Try it! We use a smoked Mexican ancho chilli to give a light smokeyness rather than a blow-your-head-off heat. Imagine a lightly smoked Bellini cocktail – now you’re getting close!


How did you come up with the names?

All our flavours are linked to places in Aotearora that have special meaning to us. From camping at Raglan, to falling in love in Ahipara, celebrating in style at Bethell’s and catching the sunrise at the East Cape, each place is engrained in our New Zealand story. The fruits we chose are common in those regions


Where can I get my hands on some delicious Beach Booch?

Beach Booch is available in Farro stores, select New World stores, Supie, The Fine Wine Delivery Company and a range of bars and restaurants.


Does it contain sulphites or other preservatives?

Nope, no sulphites and as we don’t filter or pasteurise, you must keep it cold until you are ready to drink it.


What should I have with it? – to eat, I mean

Oh, for Ocean and 90 Mile Booch anything salty or spicy is awesome and really accentuates the sweetness of the fruit. For Bethell’s and Raglan really anything goes: blue cheese, soft cheese, chocolate, chips. You get the picture


How should I serve it?

We reckon a stemless glass with a little bit of ice is just perfect. If you’re feeling fancy a chilli/salt rim on the glass with Ocean Booch is heavenly, a couple of frozen blueberries in Raglan is magic, a slice of lemon in 90 Mile works a treat and a sprig of mint in Bethell’s will just add a certain something. We’d love to hear how you enjoy yours


Is it just for Summer?

NO! There’s no question it is a great summer choice and is super refreshing, but enjoying a booch with good friends at home, catching a moment after a busy day or kicking back watching the sunset with someone special is an all-year thing in our book.


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